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Unlike many accommodation providers we don't NORMALLY impose minimum stays. We do suggest that you check out our 'Things to Do' page before booking for only one night. The Townsville area has a lot to offer and a third night always attracts a 20% discount.

The following dates are our busiest weekends so unfortunately we cannot accept one-night stays. We do not raise our prices, however!

EASTER WEEKEND                                                    7-9 April 2012                         Two-night minimum

LABOUR DAY WEEKEND/GROOVIN' THE MOO              5-6 May 2012                          Two-night minimum

QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY/PALM CREEK FOLK FESTIVAL       8-11 JUNE 2012                       Two-night minimum

V8 RACING                                                              6-8 JULY 2012                          Three-night minimum



We are very committed to our guests' comfort but WE DO HAVE A LIFE! We need a certain amount of time to shop, cook, clean and set up rooms between guests OR (heaven forbid) even relax for a while! We have therefore introduced set check-in and check-out times:

CHECK-IN after 3pm

CHECK-OUT before 10.30 am

If you require different arrangements this MAY be possible as long as we have at least 24 hours notice. We also request that guests let us know an approximate arrival time. The B & B is also our home so we need to be able to arrange our own meals and social engagements around your times.



We like our guests to have a relaxing time, but as in all areas of life there have to be a few rules. We live here and after guests have left we must continue to face our neighbours!


This is our home so we expect guests to respect furnishings and fittings as if they were their own. Guests arriving at the B&B in an intoxicated state and/or disturbing neighbours or other guests with noisy or unacceptable behaviour will be asked to leave immediately. When arriving or leaving the property, particularly in the evening or early morning, please consider our neighbours.

Take care on the road as it is shared with wallabies and other wildlife. The speed limit is a MAXIMUM and a slower speed is recommended at night and particularly at dusk.

Please place rubbish in the bins provided in your room or the lounge and do not smoke in the house. If smoking outside please keep in mind that windows might be open. Choose a spot where smoke cannot blow inside and don't drop cigarette ends, even if fully extinguished as they may be eaten by our wildlife, with tragic consequences.

Accidents do happen so if you spill or break anything please let us know immediately so that it can be cleared up promptly to minimise damage. We trust guests will reimburse us for damage caused. 



Please note that each of our bedrooms sleep a maximum of TWO ADULTS, so the largest party we can accept is FOUR ADULTS. Our insurance does not cover us for more than four adult guests so please do not expect this requirement to be waived UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.



Generally, considering there is a deep, fast-flowing creek running through the property most of the year and extensive wild scrub we do not encourage children as guests.

That said, we can, in some cases, provide one Portacot for a baby under 2 years FREE OF CHARGE when sharing a parent's room OR provide a folding bed for ONE child under 10 years of age (at an additional cost) when sharing a parent's room. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can a Portacot (belonging to us or to the guests) AND a fold-out bed be placed in one room. If two or more children or babies are to stay a second room must be booked at an appropriate charge. If in doubt please ask. Acceptance of children as guests will at all times be subject to their close and continued supervision by the accompanying adults and if youngsters become a nuisance to other guests, damage property in the house or garden, or engage in dangerous behaviour the family will be asked to leave. Adult supervision is particularly required around the pool - under no circumstances are children under 16 to be in the pool area unless at least one adult is present WITHIN THE POOL FENCE.



Under no circumstances can we accept pets of any kind. We are on a rural property with chickens, ducks and free-ranging wildlife. No matter how well-behaved a pet is normally, when faced with unfamiliar surroundings there is a high likelihood of problems and our animals may suffer as a result. Just 10 minutes away is an excellent kennels 'All for Paws' which has very reasonable charges. I'm sure most prospective guests would rather place their beloved pet there than risk the safety of our beautiful wildlife. See our links page or ask for more details.




A deposit of one night is charged to confirm your booking with us. We have a generous cancellation policy which returns the full amount to you if you cancel more than 48hrs prior to check-in time (3pm) on your arrival day. Nevertheless we ask that you let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you find you need to cancel as this gives us a better chance of finding a replacement booking. If you cancel after the 48hr deadline we have to retain the full deposit to offset our loss.


That's it. Nothing too onerous or unexpected, I hope. We have never yet had any problems with guests - we have been happy to have them staying in our home and keen to see them return. I'm sure that will continue.